About Us

We are Kay & Wye Craft, we are sister who love drawing and crafting. Our brand created in 8 Jun 2014, just because a sparkle idea from Kay -  As our father working offsite, alone, we always handmade different greeting cards and send over to keep him warm. After discuss with Wye, we start create our own brand and receiving orders from different person - start from birthday cards, wedding cards to any cards that can meet different occasion. We also start communication with different vendor to get different supplies.

In 2018, as Kay change her job and only got limited time for making orders or joining ad-hoc market, our brand had been suspended with limited activity.

After 3 years, which come to 2021, this time, Wye did drop her job and plan to reactive our brand again, of cause it's not that easy, environment had change a lot during past few years, we need to do more research and learning to catch up everythings else.

Luckily, both of us love to explorer in different aspect, we learn a lot of different crafting skill, by using paper, resin, vinyl, plaster, candle, wire...etc, of cause we also practice on our digital drawing skill. We always want to combine all we had learn, to create different product and share all over the world.

We enjoy chatting with different people to get inspiration and opportunities , so please feel free to talk with us!!